Graduated at the University Of Tampa with a major in Advertising and Public Relations. Currently a Flight Attendant flying international and domestic for American Airlines.  

                        According to Merriam-Webster, the act of being Obsessive Compulsive relates to having a mental illness that involves repeating actions or thinking about certain things too much. Like most perceptions, many people would view this neurotic behavior as a disorder. I, on the other hand, like to view this as an advantage. Being stuck in the middle of two sisters each five years apart, I always felt the need to strive for attention. With so much going on in a household of three girls all experiencing different life stages at once, I always had to go the extra mile to be noticed. Not easily satisfied and always on edge, my behavior drove my mom and dad nuts. It wasn’t until I was seven years old when Barbra Jordan, my psychiatrist, deemed me as “The Strong-Willed Child.” I remember going home and pulling out my pocket dictionary that was required for 2nd grade and looking up the definition of both strong and willed. After reading the definition to myself, I couldn’t agree with Barbra Jordan more. Her diagnosis of my behavior led me to believe that I was even better off than before, mom and dad just needed directions on how to properly raise me. My continuous strive for attention led to a strive for perfection. If you asked my sisters to describe my nature they would probably point out the fact that I am extremely meticulous and stubborn. A peak into my room would be vision of neatness, free from all superficial imperfections. Not only are material possessions of mine placed in a tidy structured manner, the work that I produce whether it be creative or assigned is always presented to my foremost ability. I have always felt that along with dedication and hard work, presentation is key to success. Everything I engage in includes strong feelings, emotions, perseverance, and a dedicated drive. My obsessive compulsive disposition may come off as a bit neurotic, but there is nothing wrong with working towards perfection.


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